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Professional Bond cleaning Wollongong

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Moving out of your leased property? Bond Cleaning in Wollongong can help you get your bond money back. Dealing with a real estate property manager can be too stressful when they are fussy.

Try the services of professional bond cleaning company in Wollongong, we make sure that you get your bond money back. So have a peace of mind while booking your next end of lease cleaning.

Our Services

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    End of lease Cleaning

    Expert bond cleaning Wollongong specialist available to make your property sparkly clean. Experienced and friendly staff, who love what they do. We make sure you get your bond money back. Book your bond cleaning with us today and get 10% off! All teams available 24/7 depending on your requirements. Try the services of the best bond cleaners in Wollongong for an affordable price. All cleaners are fully insured and police checked, so that you can have a stress free day.

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    Oven & BBQ Cleaning

    Cleaning an oven and bbq can be quite hectic, try the services of professional oven cleaners in Wollongong. Not only do we remove all the build up grime, grease, oil and cooking fat but we even give your oven and bbq a quick wash with hot water so that you can use them instantly once we have finished. Get a free quote online plus an awesome 10% discount on your first oven and bbq cleaning with us. Don’t wait, book your oven cleaning today.

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    Office Cleaning Wollongong

    Experienced, professional, friendly and fully insured office cleaners in Wollongong are ready to make your house sparkly clean. All our staff is police checked, proficient and available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week depending on your requirements. We are here to provide you an unmatched office cleaning services in Wollongong, leaving a good impression on your clients and increasing your staff productivity.

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    Spring Cleaning

    Want to make your house sparkly clean? We at BondCleaninginWollongong will make sure that your house looks as good as new. Not only our spring cleaning services are affordable but we even provide an unrivaled cleaning solution in Wollongong. Why not try the services of the best cleaning company in Wollongong and have a hassle free day.

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    I had to get a cleaning job done at a rental unit I had in Shellharbour for 3 years. It was really dirty and I had a really tough agent from The Professionals so expected that I would lose money from my bond. I had booked Bond Cleaning Wollongong. Emre did the job and he was really efficient and did a great job, They also organises carpet cleaners and the carpets were like new. I would tell anyone to use Wollongong Bond Cleaners because they are the best!

    Paul & Stacey Franco - CEO
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    Bond Cleaning in Wollongong did an amazing job at my house, since then i have been using them for spring cleaning every fortnight. Quality service with good prices, definitely recommended.

    Jeremy Lonsdale - Designer


?Q. How much does a bond cleaning cost in Wollongong?
The price of the bond cleaning depends on the condition and size of the property. for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit we charge $280 that includes up to 7 hrs labour. Please do note that we give 100% bond return guarantee with all our cleans, so that you can have a stress free day.
?Q. How can i book my bond cleaning?
Booking your bond cleaning is easy. You can either apply online via our form or call at the number provided in our website.
?Q. Do i have to be at the property when your cleaners are there?
It is recommended that you let the cleaners work, when they are about to finish before 30 mins, they will give you a call so that you can come and have a look.
?Q. Do I have to leave the electricity on?
Yes, we do require basic necessities to conduct a proper bond cleaning. However, we can still get the job done but it will cost extra for us to use our own generator.
?Q. Do you guarantee your bond clean?
Absolutely, We at Bond Cleaning in Wollongong give 100% bond return guarantee on all our cleans. If by any rare chance, there is any problem with the bond cleaning then our cleaners will return back to our property and fix those issues within 24-48 hrs.
?Q. Should i leave my property empty?
It is recommended that you leave the property empty before our cleaners arrive, except if the house or unit was furnished. We don't give guarantee to our cleans if your furniture was still there at the property when the cleaners were conducting their clean.
?Q. Do you provide any other services excluding bond clean?
We provide various other services with our bond cleaning. Such as Spring cleaning, oven and bbq cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning and many more.
?Q. Do you contact my Property Manager or Landlord?
Usually we don't, but if you want then our cleaners can contact the property manager or the landlord to collect the keys and drop them off once they finish.
?Q. What Cleaning Checklist do you use?
Our cleaning checklist follows one simple rule, that is to clean everything inside the property. Your property manager or landlord wants you to return the property in the condition you received it in.
?Q. What is the best time to book a bond clean?
It is recommended that you book your bond clean at least 7 days before the required date. However, if you have an urgent requirement and need a bond clean on the next day. Then simply give us a call and we can probably get the job done. All our cleaners are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
?Q. How much time does it take to do a bond clean?
The time it takes on a proper bond clean depends on the size of the property. For a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom unit it can take anywhere between 4 hrs to 6 hrs. Whereas in order to clean a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, it can take anywhere from 8 hrs to 10 hrs to do a proper clean.
?Q. Do you clean windows from outside as well?
Yes we do, as long as they are reachable or removable then our cleaners can clean them. However for units that unreachable we will clean windows from inside only.
?Q. Is it possible to save money by cleaning a bit our self?
Absolutely, we do get clients who do most of the cleaning themselves and just require someone for 2-3 hrs to do the final touch ups. Just give us a call and we can provide you with an affordable asking price.
?Q. Where all in Wollongong do you provide your service?
We at Bond Cleaning in Wollongong provide cleaning services throughout Wollongong and nearby suburbs.

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