Best Cleaning Tips For Pet-Loving Homes


Best Cleaning Tips For Pet-Loving Homes

By : Melissa Collison

Pets are more than just companions. They are the dearest members of most families. Whether you have a dog, cat, or any other furry friend, you will be aware of the fact that they bring joy, companionship, and unconditional love to your lives.

However, having a pet comes with some responsibilities, like cleaning up after them. It is important to focus on your pet’s health and overall well-being, and this includes things like preparing a clean and safe environment for them. Most pet owners have the dream of maintaining a clean home that is safe for them and their pets.

But creating such a space for your furry friend can feel like a daunting task at times. However, if you can learn and execute adequate methods, you can make your home a comfortable place for your pets. Professionals always use such methods for budget end of lease cleaning Wollongong when dealing with pet-related issues.

Here are the best cleaning tips for pet-loving homes. Make use of them to ensure a cleaner and comfortable home.

1. Keep Your Pets Groomed

You can easily cut up a significant amount of dander and dirt that end up inside your home by keeping your pets groomed. Remember to eliminate the dirt with gentle grooming if your pet often gets muddy after a walk. For dog owners, wash your dog’s paws and wipe their stomach. If they are a lot dirtier, you can wash their coat with warm water.

Avoid using dog shampoo regularly because that can be rough on their fur. Additionally, frequently brush your pet’s fur to decrease shedding. Also, bathe them often to ensure they are clean and smell fresh. Remember to trim their nails to minimise the chances of them scratching and damaging the furniture and floors.

2. Get a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

As a pet owner, purchasing and using a high-quality vacuum frequently is essential. Pets are renowned for their hair, which is why, at the end of winter, vacuuming every day will be helpful. Dogs are known to shed more during the end of the winter season.

So, you should stay ready for the inevitable by investing in a vacuum cleaner. Using it daily is crucial because fur can accumulate on the floors rapidly. When vacuuming, focus primarily on the spaces where your pets spend most of their time. A vacuum cleaner is effective at this job, so professionals often use it for the best end-of-lease cleaning Wollongong.

3. Set Up a Dog Cleaning Station

Most pet owners prefer to clean their pets in the laundry room after completing a walk. However, you should keep in mind that if your pets are covered in mud, they are likely to leave a trail of muddy paw prints all around the home.

Instead of walking to the laundry room, it is better to set up a dog-cleaning station in the entryway. Make sure you add towels, wipes, and other similar cleaning supplies that you require to clean your pet’s coat and paws.

4. Prefer Pet-Friendly Furniture

If you are one of those pet owners who allow their pets on their furniture, then it is a must to opt for pet-friendly furniture. Furniture prepared using certain materials can serve as a magnet to pet hair. Moreover, look for a sofa that is of the same colour as your pet’s coat. If you do not like the idea of purchasing new furniture, use a pet-friendly cover that you can easily throw in the washer and clean.

5. Regularly Clean Your Home

Frequent cleaning is important to keep your home clean and safe for your pets. The most important here is to vacuum the carpets and floors regularly so that all the visible dirt, pet hair, and debris are eliminated swiftly. Also, it is crucial to remember that any pet accidents should be dealt with immediately because leaving them can make way for stains and unpleasant odours.

Expert end of lease cleaners Wollongong also recommend wiping down surfaces and cleaning any pet toys. Do the same with any accessory that comes in close contact with your pet’s mouth.

6. Opt for Pet-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Most commercial cleaning products are known to contain hazardous chemicals that are not only harmful to you but also to your pets. Budget end of lease cleaners Wollongong recommend avoiding them to prevent your pets from unintentionally consuming toxic chemicals.

Because your pets spend much of their time walking on the floor, your floor and carpet cleaner must be pet-friendly, ideally a homemade cleaning solution. To prepare an all-purpose floor cleaner, follow these steps:

  • Get all the ingredients, i.e. apple cider vinegar, water, and lemon juice.
  • In a spray bottle, add and mix one part vinegar and four parts water.
  • Add some lemon juice to the mixture and shake well.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning your home and maintaining hygiene can seem daunting, especially if you have not dealt with pet-related issues before. But with the right methods, it is possible to tackle these problems and ensure your home is neat and clean.