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From the royal palaces to media events, carpets are valuable adornments that do not go unnoticed even at a star-studded affair. There are a variety of carpets available in the market, ranging from cheaper synthetic rugs to exquisitely hand-woven luxurious pieces. We all have one or two of these embellishments in our homes; however, cleaning them seems like a big hassle. Most of the times, we keep postponing the vacuuming until a surprise guest shows up at the door and we find ourselves pushing them into another room. This is a common scenario in all households. The presence of microscopic dust mites, moulds and allergens make the matters worse as they are harmful to the health of the family members. That is why deep and intensive cleaning offered by professionals is a must for a hygienic and neat floor covering. We, at Bond Cleaning in Wollongong, offer the best and quality cleaning solution for your carpets and rugs. Our cleaners have years of experience in bringing back the lost shine of soft floor coverings without making them look discoloured. Hire us for professional and quality carpet cleaning.

Specialised Cleaning

Our cleaners use the best cleaning methods to remove all the dust and stains from your soft floor coverings.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

We use biodegradable products that do not harm the humans and the environment.

Competitive Prices

Our packages are reasonably priced. We make sure our prices suit every individual’s needs.


We are the best carpet cleaning experts in Wollongong that can bring back the lost shine of your carpets in a breeze.


With years of hands-on experience, we pride ourselves in representing us as one of the professional and recommended service providers of carpet cleaning – thanks to our talented and enthusiastic team.

Proficient Team

Our teams are well-trained, qualified and police-verified. You can trust them because they have years of experience in carpet cleaning.


We train our cleaners and encourage them to use innovative methodologies and heavy-duty machines to suck out all the dirt and pollutants.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support helps you at every step of the way. Give us a call or fill out the contact form online.

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With our extensive experience in the domain, we hold the upper hand in the market for offering unmatched services. Our pocket-friendly prices are sure to fit into your monthly budget. We love our job and advice our customers to take care of their floor coverings to save them from wear and tear.

The best way to care for your carpets is to stop procrastinating and vacuum them regularly. This helps in maintaining a tidy appearance and removes the dust and particles from the surface. However, these are not enough to get the embedded dust and pollutants out from the deeper layers. That is why you must opt for steam cleaning once in a while which ensures rejuvenation of the carpet by thorough removal of dirt, grease and stains. It helps in prolonging the life of the rugs and gives them a refreshing appearance. So get in touch with us today to get a free quote and clean-up your carpets in the best way possible without any hassles.


Benefits of Choosing our Carpet Cleaning in Wollongong

Our aim is to provide our customers with high-quality, hassle-free and thorough carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning in Wollongong That Shows Results

We are a trusted name for carpet cleaning in Wollongong as we have been offering cleaning services in Australia for several years now. Our teams are spread across the region and can be contacted at any time of the day for scheduling a clean-up. Our staff members are hired after a thorough background check and police verification. They are trained for months in all the processes and procedures before they begin servicing customers. We have been successfully satisfying our clients with our proficient and cost-effective services. We do not use any harmful chemicals during the procedures and do not leave any carbon footprint that may affect the environment. Our heavy-duty machines have the potency of industrial equipment which offers deep cleaning without causing any damage to the tufts of the rugs.

Carpet Dry Cleaning For a Breezy Finish

Dry cleaning is a quick and effective way of carpet cleaning. If you choose for this procedure, our teams would arrive at your doorstep to examine the material of the rug and assess all the problem areas like stains and dirt accumulation. They will move the furniture and vacuum the floor covering to remove the dry soil. Then eco-friendly stain removal sprays will be applied to the problem areas, and our advanced machines will be used to loosen the soil and clean the stains. Another round of stain removal will take place before using the machines to soak up all the residue and moisture from the carpet. After the completion of the procedure, the professional carpet cleaners in Wollongong will further groom the carpet to bring it back to its original form. It is a safe, effective and perfect way of tidying up the rugs in a cost-effective manner.

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What our customers are saying

Great work! No issues whatsoever and the realestate were happy

Lauren Boissery

The apartment was beautifully cleaned and staff were very friendly! The real estate agent complimented me on how well the apartment had been cleaned. Thank you!

Rachel Higgisson

The team did a great job cleaning our apartment for an end of lease clean. We got our bond back straight away and it looked great. They were on time and communicated well.

Caitlin Wallner

The cleaning qas immaculate and I got my bond back

Renee Charteris

The cleaners sent did a sensational job. On time. Communication very good Thank you


This process was facilitated by the office with friendly, professional communications. It was quite simple to organise with reception. The cleaners came out on a Sunday as the job was last minute due to the other cleaner organised refusing to show up. All the bond was returned so the owner must have been happy with the result. Certainly recommending this team and also learnt an important lesson about booking legit services.

Shane Sheppid

Very fast and efficient setvice. Full bond recieved

Milana Mitrovic

This service was perfect! We were able to get our bond back with no issues. The cleaners worked magic on our old house and really took the pressure off us.

Jessie M A Hunt

The entire experience was positive . The booking process was efficient and the staff member I spoke to was helpful and friendly. The cost was competitive and good value. The cleaners were communicative and punctual and did a fantastic job. We had no trouble getting our bond back immediately.

Joanna H

Had an incident where the oven window was accidentally shattered by the cleaner. She immediately reported this to me and insurance and other processes were quite easy to follow to receive a complete bond refund. Impressed by the service. (Though maybe look into why it shattered to avoid any future cases)

Hasitha Jayanandana
Professional & Courteous Staff

Our experienced and trained cleaners can tackle your cleaning chores without letting your expectations down.

Environmentally-Safe Cleaning

Our cleaning procedure is safe and secure for both the human beings and the environment because we use eco-friendly detergents, cleansers and sanitisers.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer support team believes in rendering robust service by resolving their queries as soon as possible.

Cleaning Tips

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