Decluttering and Cleaning: The Power of Minimalism


Decluttering and Cleaning: The Power of Minimalism

By : Melissa Collison
Less is more is rings true for home contents and when you want to have a neat and tidy house. Cluttering your house with furniture, fixtures, fabrics and other items is common and it leads to multiple issues. Besides compromising space, congestion in your home makes regular house cleaning challenging. Household areas become hot spots for germs that cause infectious diseases and mould which is a health hazard. You can hire cleaners for basic house sprucing or professionals end of lease cleaning Wollongong to sanitise your house or apartment as per requirement. But to live quality life and avoid daily stress, you must embrace minimalism by keeping your home clutter-free and sanitary.  Thus, here is a complete guide outlining tips to declutter effectively and clean efficiently.

Get Rid of Old & Broken Things

Whether for sentimental reasons or ignorance, most people have a host of things in their home that are old, broken or obsolete. These things serve no purpose and take up space which could be utilised for other things. Therefore, very month, you must inspect a room in your house and remove everything that is worn out or broken. Additionally, inspect things to remove ones you haven’t used for 6 months or more or don’t use at least once a year.

Donate or Resell Things Frequently

Compulsive buyers, hoarders or people who overlook their purchases often end up with unwanted things in good or brand new condition. To rectify this issue, you can donate or resell items to recycle or reuse them. It also prevents the items from ending in landfill and contributing to Australia’s waste management and recycling problem. Segregate furniture, clothes, books, toys, utensils and other household items appropriate for different ages and in good condition to donate to a local charity. Moreover, collect things you don’t use or never used to sell via an offline garage sale or online platforms.

Create Daily, Weekly and Monthly House Cleaning Checklists

Maintaining household hygiene in addition to minimising property contents is an ongoing process. Therefore, in addition to purging and paring down routinely, you must outline house cleaning chores you must complete every day, week or month. For example, washing the dishes, doing laundry and sweeping and mopping floors are daily house cleaning chores. Cleaning windows, removing cobwebs and wiping baseboards are weekly chores. Whereas, sanitising the oven and decluttering and cleaning the fridge are monthly cleaning chores. The frequency with which you must clean a household area or fixture depends on its usage or condition. Therefore, it is best to inspect your home and write chores in your cleaning lists accordingly.

Use Effective Cleaning Products, Tools & Techniques

House cleaning without planning or knowledge leads to wastage of time, energy and resources. Therefore, you must first have a cleaning caddy with essential supplies like a versatile and natural cleaning agents like baking soda, white vinegar or Castile Soap, brushes/sponges, microfiber products etc. You must also have a high-performance vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters on hand. Furthermore, while cleaning employ the following techniques that professionals often use during end of lease cleaning in Wollongong to get the best results.
  • Perform one task in the entire house before starting another task. If you are dusting, dust all household surfaces, fixtures and object. Next, you can vacuum, sweep, mop in the correct order.
  • While cleaning vertical spaces, move top to bottom to avoid backtracking.
  • Always declutter first and then clean to free space and reduce obstacles.
  • To sanitise surfaces and fixtures like a pro, pre-clean to remove loose dust and debris then wipe or wash. Also, disinfect after cleaning to kill germs that cause communicable diseases and odours in your home.
  • Invest in light-weight and user-friendly cleaning tools or equipment to utilise your time and energy well. It also prevents you from getting tired quickly.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Take Professional Help

    Organising your home and decluttering is challenging because not everyone is prepare to say good bye to things or know how to do it effectively or efficiently. Therefore, if you are clueless and want to speed up your routine, hire professional home organisers to give you a boost. They will help you get rid of unwanted things and also categories, label and store things you want to keep using a proper system. In addition, you can book professional house cleaners in Wollongong to visit your home daily, weekly or monthly as per requirement to refresh your home and motivate you to keep it clutter-free and sanitary all year round.

    Wrapping Up

    Living minimalistically has multiple benefits because you enjoy peace of mind, open space and fresh indoor air. Thus, use this guide to declutter and clean your home to improve your quality of life. However, if you cannot, hire professionals to manage these tasks and give you a fresh start.