Essential Tasks to Refresh Your Home in Just a Weekend


Essential Tasks to Refresh Your Home in Just a Weekend

By : Melissa Collison

It is a good practice to refresh your residence every once in a while. Freshening up the style of your home adds some new life to the space, which is ideal if your space lacks freshness. There is no need to do some major renovations, purchase expensive stuff, and spend a lot of time. Just a few quick changes and upgrades can have a significant impact on making your residence appear way more visually appealing.

It is a fact that even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Most such small yet impactful changes make your entire living space appear much better.

However, you do not want the tasks to take up the majority of your time. This is where the ones that can be completed in a weekend are perfect. Here are the essential tasks to refresh your home in just a weekend. They will help you transform your living space.

1. Clean and Organise the Kitchen

The weekend is the perfect time to clean and organise the kitchen. Even simple tasks like painting the cabinet should not take more than the weekend.

For some easy and quick changes in the kitchen, you have the option of simply switching out the hardware. There is no need to spend a lot of money if you want to get some good doorknobs as well as handles, which will give the space a better look.

You also have the option of adding some beautiful decor, which includes a new mat, fresh flowers, and jars that contain beans, rice, noodles, etc. Do not forget to clean every corner of the kitchen using adequate and eco-friendly cleaners.

It is worth noting that keeping your kitchen clean will make professional end of lease cleaning Wollongong easier when you are nearing the end of your tenancy.

2. Refresh the Entryway

Refreshing your entryway should not take more than a few hours. One of the best ways to do so is by hanging wallpaper or painting an accent wall. Because most entryways are typically quite small, the process should not take long. This will quickly change the appearance and feel of this space.

If you do not prefer painting or hanging wallpaper, look for a large-scale piece of art, as that will help you create a similar effect. Adding some colourful flowers also works well if you are looking to bring some life to the entryway.

3. Enhance the Appearance of Your Living Room

Woman on sofa reading holding a green book in her hand inside her living room

Rearranging the furniture is a perfect way to refresh your living room without spending a lot of time or money. A new and better setup will help you create a fresh flow in the space. There is also the option of swapping out a few pieces of furniture from other rooms to make way for a new and better look.

Other things you can do include changing pillows on the seating and rearranging the decor stuff on surfaces as well as bookshelves. Maintaining your living room will certainly make the budget end of lease cleaning Wollongong easier when it is time to leave your rental residence.

4. Decorate Your Dining Room

Decorating your dining room appropriately makes a significant difference. Doing so frequently will help you keep this space fresh. The process does not take long as well. Things like flowers and greenery are known to be a great option for decorating the dining room.

Ensuring your dining room table is set, and the space is clean is also something that makes the entire space feel finished and welcoming. It is a quick but effective way to make the dining room look better. For cleaning, you can either hire a cleaning company or do the work yourself if you have time.

5. Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

There is hardly anything that makes as big a difference as new bedding in the bedroom. It is considered that changing your comforter will make you feel that you have a new bed. However, if you do not prefer that option, things like laying a beautiful blanket and adding some extra pillows will also do the job.

Moreover, if you have not invested in some art yet, get a few and hang them above the bed. Most people leave this space empty. Decorating it with artwork will quickly make the bed a central point while also making the room look better. The experts who do cheap end of lease cleaning Wollongong recommend using DIY cleaning solutions when cleaning the bedroom or other spaces in your home.

6. Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

Refreshing your bathroom does not have to be time-consuming and tough. You can do so by simply switching out the towels for the ones that look visually appealing. For a lovely touch, you can wrap ribbon around them. There is no need to spend a lot of money to get such towels.

A lot of places have great and cheap options. Changing the shower curtain and getting a new bath mat will also be worth the investment. Get a few jars or anything similar to keep things like loofahs, hand soaps, and other toiletries. Finally, keep your bathroom clean to facilitate budget end of lease cleaning Wollongong when you are about to leave your rental property.

Complete These Tasks to Refresh Your Home in a Weekend

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Wrapping Up

So, these are the tasks that you can complete in a weekend and give your home a refreshed look. They are neither time-consuming nor expensive. By completing them, you can ensure your residence looks as good as it can.