How to Clean and Maintain a Suede Couch?

A man is cleaning a couch

How to Clean and Maintain a Suede Couch?

By : Melissa Collison

Suede Couches can add character to any living room. They look sophisticated and elegant. However, they need proper care and regular cleaning. Suede or micro-suede couches tend to stain and get dirty quickly.

It is best to clean them immediately if there is spillage or staining to avoid permanent damage. If you have a new suede couch, it will help you keep them pristine for long if you adopt a clean-as-you-spill policy.

In case your couch is a little old and looking dingy, you can hire professional bond cleaners in Wollongong and avail their upholstery cleaning services. You’ll be surprised to see how much difference the thorough cleaning will make. But, if you wish to clean and maintain your suede couch yourself, here are some tips:

Invest In Stain Protectors

Prevention is always better than cure. To keep your new suede couches stain-free, you can visit your local supermarket and buy a protective spray.

Usually, there are two types of products. One is water-based, and the other is a synthetic solvent. You can read your owner’s manual to know which one will be best suited for your couch. The products don’t guarantee complete protection, but they can help avoid soaking of slippage and give you time to clean.

Please note: Some sellers void the warranty of suede couches if protectors are applied. So, make sure you are aware of your couch warranty’s terms and conditions. See if it has provisions for professional upholstery cleaning.

Keep The Cleaning Supplies Handy

As mentioned earlier, to keep your suede couch unspoiled you need to adopt a clean-as-you-spill policy. To do so, you will require an upholstery dry-cleaning or a water-based detergent, a soft but firm bristle brush, and a microfiber fabric.

To know which cleaning solution to purchase for your couch, you can check its fabric tag. If the tag has a ‘W’, then you need a water-based detergent. If it has an ‘S’, you can use a dry-cleaning solution. ‘WS’ means you can use both types of products. An ‘X’ indicates it should be cleaned by professional bond cleaners only. Lastly, if there is an ‘O’ on the tag, it means the fabric is natural and should be cleaned with cold water only.

Dust The Couches Everyday

Suede couches will start appearing dingy and unkempt if they are not dusted every day. Invest in a good quality napping brush and a microfiber cloth. You can dust your suede couch by brushing the couch to get rid of any accumulated dust.

After brushing, you can run the microfiber cloth over the couch to further smoothen and clean it. While dusting open the windows or doors to allow fresh air to pass. Keep the room well-ventilated as the dust from the couch can aggravate different kind of allergies.

Make sure the brush you use is not harsh. Test the brush on a small patch at the back of the suede couch. While regular cleaning, if you notice a stain, immediately saturate it with the suitable cleaning solution and clean with the microfiber cloth.

Vacuum Once A Week (Minimum)

Besides dusting your couch every day, it is essential to vacuum it at least once in a week. When you brush, dust accumulated on the surface gets cleaned. However, many particles get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the couch.

Also, dirt can get embedded deep in the fabric. Therefore, vacuuming can deep clean the couch and keep it smelling & looking fresh.

While vacuuming, work one section at a time. Remove the cushions one by one and collect dust, crumbs, and other bits with the vacuum. Always clean the underside of the cushions as well.

Ask Family Members For Help

It is easy to keep suede couches clean and good looking if everyone in the family contributes. Keeping it in good condition is the responsibility of everyone who uses it daily.

It becomes especially important as most of these couches are placed in the living area where everyone gathers, and all the guests are entertained. To make it easier for your family members to contribute, you can keep the cleaning supplies handy and educate them on how to clean in case of spillage or dirt.

Also, ensure everyone understands to avoid eating oily, hot, or gravy food while lying on the couch. It is better to prevent dirtying the couch than cleaning it.

Maintain The Appearance

You can maintain the appearance of your suede couch by avoiding to do the following things:

  • Don’t sit in the same spot repeatedly. This habit can stretch the fabric and mar the area, making it appear more worn than the rest of the couch.
  • Regularly smoothen and fluff the cushions to keep them aerated and shiny for long. You can use a brush or a cloth to do this.
  • Rotate the cushions if they are of the same size to even out the wear. This way, you can maintain the couch’s uniformity.

Hire Professional Bond Cleaners

Many new couches are under warranty, and the terms and conditions about cleaning are specified. Brushing, vacuuming, and sweeping with a cloth don’t void the warranty.

However, usage of treatment or protection products can violate the terms and conditions. Some sellers only allow usage of products from their own or a specific brand. There are warranties that detail clauses for the hiring of professional end of lease cleaners.

It is common for sellers to ask you to opt for their recommended bond cleaners in Wollongong. But you can avail upholstery cleaning services of a trusted bond cleaning company after consulting your seller.

Furthermore, if you are decluttering and cleaning your house for any occasion, you can hire experts to save you the hassle of cleaning the upholstery.


If you clean your suede couch regularly, then maintaining its appearance won’t require too much work. There are a variety of green products available in the market for cleaning and protection of suede couches. Keep them at your disposal.

If you don’t wish to invest in store-bought products, you can use natural cleaners like vinegar or distilled water. But make sure you test the cleaning solution on a patch at the back for a reaction. In addition, if you are uncertain about cleaning it yourself, always opt for expert help.