How to Get Perfectly Clean Windows in 5 Simple Steps?

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How to Get Perfectly Clean Windows in 5 Simple Steps?

By : Melissa Collison

Windows are among the first things that people notice in a building, whether from outside or inside. Dirty windows don’t give you a clear view of the outside world and diminish the overall look of your house. Thus, it is essential to keep them clean. People usually contact companies that offer end of lease cleaning in Wollongong. Their professionals ensure that you get the best result in the least possible time.

However, you can also clean the windows with the right tools and a little bit of guidance. Here is the best way to clean your windows. Have a look!

1. Collect All the Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Before you start cleaning, it is important that you first collect all the tools and supplies to clean the windows. Not having the right tools and inappropriate supplies can make the dusting process challenging. As people usually don’t have the time to gather all the tools and supplies, they hire professionals who perform the best end of lease cleaning in Wollongong.

However, if you want to clean the windows on your own, here are some tools and cleaning supplies that you would require. Have a look:

  • A rubber squeegee
  • Lint-free or microfiber cloth
  • Sponge or brush
  • A piece of clean cloth
  • A bucket with cleaning solution
  • One towel to protect the inside floors

2. Prepare a Homemade Cleaning Solution

The market is flooded with commercial products for cleaning windows, but most of them have harmful chemicals. These products pollute the environment by releasing toxic substances in the air and also irritate the eyes and skin of the user. So, it is advisable to use only eco-friendly products for cleaning your home.

Even if you are hiring professional cleaners, make sure that they follow green cleaning. Here is an easy way to prepare a cleaning solution at home. Have a look.

  • Fill a bucket half way with warm water and add liquid dish soap in it.
  • Mix it well so that the lather can be visible.
  • You can also add some corn starch and vinegar in it.

3. Apply the solution on the Windows Properly

Once you have prepared the solution, it is time to clean the windows. If you have large picture windows, use a squeegee to clean them properly. Use a sponge for the windows that have numerous small panes. Dip your sponge into the solution, squeeze it properly and then wipe off the entire window, mainly the corners.

If your window is at a height and you don’t have a ladder, attach a brush or squeegee to a broom handle or extension pole. If you notice stains or the windows are still dirty, pour more liquid soap in the water.

4. Clean the Window Surface

After applying the water-soap solution on the windows and scrubbing it, clean the windows. To clean the small-paned windows, use rubber blade on the squeegee. Work from top to bottom to wipe away the water vertically. Use horizontal strokes for picture windows.

Overlap each stroke by a couple of inches and use a lint-free cloth in between to ensure that the blade is dry. If you don’t want to see any streaks on the windows, purchase new and good quality squeegee that has sharp rubber blade. While cleaning the glasses, make sure that the blade is always in touch with the glass.

5. Clean the Window from Inside

To clean the inside of the window, follow the same procedure. If you find any place where the water has dripped, spilled or ran down the window, use a lint-free, absorbent cloth to wipe the area. This cleans the windows perfectly and also prevents any streaks. To avoid any damage to the frame of the window, remove excess water from the window sill using a separate cloth or rag.

Cleaning windows can be a little complicated and you need to follow the right way. Thus, people who want to get the job done smoothly but don’t have enough time or knowledge, hire experienced professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Wollongong.

Things to Do Before Cleaning the Window

Before you clean the windows, there are a few things you need to do to ensure the windows are cleaned properly.

Remove Stains

Outside windows often have stains of water runoff, bird droppings, minerals, etc. To get rid of such stains, you can simply spray the affected area with white vinegar. Then allow the vinegar to sit for at least five to ten minutes so that the acid present in the vinegar can break down the stain. After that, use a piece of cloth or sponge to scrub the stain. Finally, proceed with your regular house cleaning.

Remove Stickers

It is not easy to remove sticky substances like stickers and decals from the windows. You need to follow the right way to get rid of it. Spray water over the stickers and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Then take a plastic scraper with a good edge and use it to remove the stickers. The water will make it easy to remove any sticky substances. Then use a towel to wipe away the excess water.

Clean the Screens

Whenever you clean the windows, do not forget to clean the screens. It quickly accumulates dirt and dust so it is essential to clean them from time to time. Remove them and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Then wash them properly.

Remove Dust from Outside

Before cleaning the windows from outside, it is vital to remove the dust. For that, you can use a garden hose to wash away the topmost layer of grime. You can also use a lint-free cloth to wipe away the dirt. This step is essential if you want to clean it deeply.

Remove Dust from Inside

If you want to remove dust from inside windows, you cannot use a garden hose. It is not also advisable to use a duster because it can spread the dust further. So, use a vacuum cleaner that can absorb all the dust. If you hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Wollongong for the crucial bond cleaning chores, you will see that they also follow the same approach.


Cleaning windows is quite different to other surfaces like floor, countertops, etc. Thus, you need to be a little patient when cleaning them. The procedure mentioned here will help you accomplish your goal without any hassles. If you are not sure about the process or don’t have enough time, contact the professionals.