Is Professional or DIY Steam Cleaning Better For Your Carpet?

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Is Professional or DIY Steam Cleaning Better For Your Carpet?

By : Melissa Collison
Carpet flooring and rugs elevate the look of any house or apartment since they look chic, elegant, and sophisticated. Having carpets is appealing, but they can get dirty with time because their delicate fibres trap dust, dirt, hair, dander, and other types of contaminants. In addition, it is practically impossible to keep carpets spot and stain free. Thus after a point carpets need thorough cleaning even if they are vacuumed regularly by owners. Among the most popular modern cleaning techniques, one involves steaming the carpets to get rid of stubborn stains and illness-causing pathogens. There are two ways to steam clean the carpets. First and the most popular one is to have professional cleaners perform it, especially for the end of lease cleaning in Wollongong. The second way is to purchase or rent the equipment and perform a DIY steam cleaning. For your carpets which one will better? Here is a complete guide by professionals providing an answer to this question along with information on when steam cleaning is required and what are its advantages.

Professional v/s DIY Steam Cleaning

Over the years steam cleaning carpets has become a popular mode of clean and sanitisation because it is effective and eco-friendly. People in Wollongong choose to purge their carpet floors and rugs via professional help or DIY methods, both of which are viable options. However, both are different because the results and costs vary substantially. While DIY steam cleaning of carpets is easy to perform by investing in the right equipment, non-specialists lack the skill and techniques required for optimum results. Professionals who provide carpet steam cleaning services have industrial-grade equipment, years of experience, and knowledge of the correct techniques to get the best results. Considering the investment of time and effort required hiring professional would be less time-consuming and hectic. Which option should be chosen? According to experts, if someone rents a property whose owner had the carpets steam cleaned by professionals, then most likely the tenant will have to get it done commercially as well. If you are not at the end of tenancy or own the house, then it depends on your preference, availability of time, budget, and condition of the carpet. For people with good equipment, time, and well-kept carpets performing a DIY steam cleaning is suitable. However, when the carpets in the house are heavily soiled, then DIY cleaning would be ineffective and taking the assistance of professional cleaners in Wollongong would be ideal.

When is Steam Cleaning of Carpets Required?

Usually vacuuming the carpet floors and rugs in your home is sufficient to keep your house healthy and clean regularly. Over time, even after vacuuming the carpets start to lose their charm and become dirty, which is steam cleaning is required because it uses hot vapours to deep clean the bed of fibres. This type of cleaning is generally required every few weeks when you do it yourself. Cleans done by professionals using carpet steam cleaners last longer because the equipment used are of more power and the techniques of professionals allow deeper sanitation. For tenants with carpeted properties, getting them sanitised is necessary; however having the steam cleaned depends on the individual tenancy. Therefore, lessees should discuss with landlords whether they need their carpets steam cleaned along with the end of lease cleaning in Wollongong.

What are the Advantages of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Over the years, more and more people have started preferring to have their carpets steam cleaned because the results are better, and it is more advantageous than general vacuuming. Some benefits that make steam cleaning of carpets so popular according to the professional end of lease cleaners in Wollongong are mentioned as follows.
  • Steam kills illness-causing germs, viruses, fungi and other pathogens instantly on contact because the temperature rises above 100 degree Celsius.
  • It effectively and efficiently removes build-up, stains, dust mites, dirt, and other contaminants
  • Prolongs the shelf life of the carpet and keeps it looking fresh, new, and sanitised.
  • Removes any odour or smell from the fibre

How to Find Good Carpet Steam Cleaners?

Usually, companies that provide end of lease cleaning services in Wollongong also provide carpet steam cleaning services. They either have in-house professional or tie-ups with contract cleaners who have state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment, years of experience, and skills. You can find the reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Wollongong offering carpet cleaning services that have a good market reputation, excellent reviews, and sufficient workforce to manage your carpet cleaning on dates comfortable for you. You can search for cleaners online or offline by getting references from family members, friends, and relatives.

The Bottom Line

When discussing which is better – professional steam cleaning or DIY, the popular choice and the more practical one is the first.  However, through this guide you can judge for yourself which option will be best suited for you and your household.