Keeping your oven and BBQ thoroughly clean!

Bond Cleaning in Wollongong is a professional and trusted cleaning company which is committed to offering top-notch oven and BBQ cleaning services to diverse customer base across Wollongong and its surrounding areas. We take great pride ourselves in servicing all types and brands of ovens, range hoods, BBQs, dishwashers, etc. Our comprehensively trained oven and BBQ cleaners in Wollongong clean your cooking appliances and get rid of all the dust, residues, and grease accumulated in the nooks and crannies. The best part about our service is that we only use non-caustic and fume-free cleaning products. Our self-tested products are effective and work amazingly when it comes to removing stubborn grease and grime. For more information about our service, give us a call now or request for a free quote online now.

Professional Touch

Removing baked-on grease, burnt leftovers and accumulated dust from an oven and BBQ is our forte. We do it with dedication and perfection.

Chemical-free and Fume-free cleaning

We do not use harmful chemicals and other toxic cleansers because we care for you and your family. We use only environmentally-approved products.

Competitive Prices

We are one of the most recommended cleaning companies in Wollongong because we offer quality service at the best prices that can suit individual's needs with ease.


Let us customise your cleaning experience to give you peace of mind and the maximum service satisfaction.


Our professional cleaners are well-versed with innovative cleaning methods and ensure the utmost level of relief when it comes to thorough oven and BBQ cleaning.

Fully-committed Staff

Our cleaners handle all your oven and BBQ cleaning chore and give you top quality results without letting your expectations down.

Trained in safe and effective cleaning

Giving you the best food hygiene is our priority, and that’s why we have trained our cleaners in green cleaning. We use only safe and chemical-free products.

Impeccable Customer Service

At Bond Cleaning in Wollongong, we offer robust customer support to our valuable clients. You can call us and know everything about our company, services and pricing policy.

Our Process


Cleaning filthy oven and BBQ is a challenging task. You need the right set of tools, effective cleaning products and a lot of time to deal with compiled dust, built-up grease and other containments. To simplify a job, people use commercial cleaning products that are piled with harmful chemicals and toxic elements. If you are allergic to chemical-based products, then you should avoid using them. Instead, you can use eco-friendly products that are free from chemicals. We, at Bond Cleaning in Wollongong, offer a green cleaning solution using self-tested cleaning products that are safe and effective. Our products range not only gives you quality clean but also ensure you will have the highest standard of food hygiene. To enjoy our green cleaning, give us a call and book your oven and BBQ cleaning now.


What we offer?

Bond Cleaning in Wollongong takes pride in offering detailed cleaning solutions for your expensive oven and BBQ. We would love to assist you with your specific cleaning needs.


With years of experience in the cleaning industry, Bond Cleaning in Wollongong thrives on delivering the optimum and high-quality BBQ cleaning at the best price. We can clean all types and sizes of Barbeque and leave no spot behind because we are professionals.

The process starts by removing each internal part of the BBQ so that we can soak and clean them in a green cleaning solution. Our main motive is to remove rust, grease, grime and oil stains from the surfaces and for that we hand scrub your appliance also. Our cleaners clean every inch of your BBQ- from grimes to warming racks, hotplates and roasting hoods, enamel surfaces to side burners, etc. In short, we let you use your BBQ immediately after cleaning. So, if you are looking for professional BBQ cleaners in Wollongong, then we are the best option for you.


Does your oven need the thorough cleaning? Let our oven cleaning professionals do this job for you. We are one of the leading cleaning companies in Wollongong which specialise in detailed oven cleaning. Our company’s topmost priority is offering a safe, clean and quality service to our valuable customers.

The process starts with the removal of the oven door. We thoroughly clean the door using non-toxic cleanser to get rid of dust and grease. After that, our cleaners scrub the racks, base, trays, and steel rack holders to remove stains and leftover food. Apart from this, we also engage in the complete detailing of the door, side panels, control knobs where fat and oil have accumulated the most. We only use non-caustic and fume-free solutions to give you quality and safe cleaning experience.

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Oven Cleaning Wollongong
  • Remove all shelves and racks
  • use non toxic cleaning agents that are environmental friendly
  • Clean the glass door in the oven
  • Clean the cook top, including the induction coil and solid hot plates etc.
  • Clean range hood filters
  • Give the Oven racks, shelves and range hood filters a thorough wash with hot water.
  • All stainless steel Polished
BBQ Cleaning Wollongong
  • We remove all moving parts to get full access to your BBQ
  • All parts are cleaned thoroughly first and then polished
  • We use Non-toxic cleaning agents to remove all the build up Grease, grime and carbon.
  • After cleaning your BBQ is Polished thoroughly making it look like as good as new
  • We give your BBQ a wash with Hot water in order to make it usable instantly after the cleaning is done
We never compromise on our quality, and that’s why people trust us. Contact us and book your service now.
What our customers are saying

Bond Cleaning in Wollongong did a fantastic job at my house. Since then I have been using them for spring cleaning every fortnight. Quality service with reasonable prices, definitely recommended.

Jeremy Lonsdale

I had to get a cleaning job done at a rental unit I had in Shellharbour for 3 years. It was really dirty, and I had a really tough agent. Then, I booked Bond Cleaning Wollongong. Emre came to my place, and he was really efficient and did a great job. They also organise carpet cleaners for thorough and professional cleaning. Now, my carpets are like new. I would love to recommend Wollongong Bond Cleaners because they are the best!

Paul & Stacey Franco
Professional & Courteous Staff

Our experienced and trained cleaners can tackle your cleaning chores without letting your expectations down.

Environmentally-Safe Cleaning

Our cleaning procedure is safe and secure for both the human beings and the environment because we use eco-friendly detergents, cleansers and sanitisers.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer support team believes in rendering robust service by resolving their queries as soon as possible.

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