Tricks to Keep your House Neat & Clean


Tricks to Keep your House Neat & Clean

By : Melissa Collison
Cleaning a house is more than sweeping and scrubbing the floors and tiles. There are many other things that can help you maintain the cleanliness aspect of your home.

It doesn’t matter how much time you get for cleaning, it is imperative to meld down smart and time-saving techniques that will keep your house clean longer. I would be happy if I see my house clean for more than 2 hours. Well, this seems impossible.

And the worst part that living the hustle-bustle life in Wollongong makes it difficult for us to keep our house clean on a daily basis. If you get annoyed like me, then try the following tricks that will empower you cleaning process while keeping your house cleaner for longer.

1. Tuck away all your cleaning tools

Let’s get started with the cleaning tools. I always try to keep all my cleaning tools such as a duster, broom, cleaning products, spray bottles, microfiber cloth, and mop in an unobtrusive area of my house. This gives a tidy look to my house and also makes it easy for me to keep my house cleaner, without any hassle.

Tip: You can store the cleaning supplies in a drawer or a small closet in your bathroom to keep things manageable all the time.

2. Smart Scrubbing

In Wollongong, people don’t get time to give their house a deep or spring clean. In fact, they spend the only weekends they are free to clean up the entire property. In such a busy life, you can try some smart cleaning tricks that can make your work easier. Spot cleaning is one of them.

Instead of scrubbing the entire surface or door, scrub the affected areas or handles and locks of a door to keep your house clean.

3. Use a shoe basket

Keeping the high-traffic areas of a house clean is one of the most challenging tasks for me. If you want to keep them tidy longer, make sure you put a shoe basket around your entrance gate. This will restrict the entry of unwanted dirt inside the house.

4. Keep vents clean

If you want to reduce the amount of dirt and dust in your house, you will need to keep your vents and exhaust fans clean. This not only keeps your house away from allergens but also boost the efficiency of your vents and ducts.

5. Hire professional cleaning expert

To ensure the cleanliness of your house longer, you will need to hire professional cleaners in Wollongong that can keep your house clean using the best tools and techniques. When it comes to me, I hire cleaning experts from Bond Cleaning in Wollongong in every 8 to 10 months to boast professional cleaning, without any hassle. They use the best cleaning techniques to keep you house clean the way you want.

If you are living in Wollongong, then I would recommend you to hire them for spring cleaning as well as bond cleaning processes. They can help you get your 100% bond amount back using best cleaning tricks.