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A Cleaning Guide for The End of Your Commercial Lease

A Cleaning Guide for The End of Your Commercial Lease
  • Amy Martin
  • Sep 24 2017
Preparing for a move to the new office space, you are bound to face a lot of challenging situations, especially when it comes to securing the bond amount.

As we know, according to the commercial lease agreement, the tenants have to return the property to its original state before leaving the place. So, it is your responsibility as a business owner to keep the office space in a well-organised manner.

You may have not changed the existing fit-out, but you have to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance aspect at the end of your tenancy. To get your deposit back, Bond Cleaning Wollongong can assist you with a team of experts, will help you in cleaning your commercial space before the final inspection.

Here are some cleaning tips that will help you at the end of your commercial lease:

1. Start with Desks

One of the dirtiest and cluttered spaces in the entire office is an employee’s desk. Since the employees keep all their paper related projects on their desk, stationery items, and hoarding piles, it becomes essential to clear out the things before moving to a new place.

Meanwhile, you can tell you employees ahead of the time before the move to keep their desk neat and clean. Let them designate a recycle point where they can add paper-related materials for recycling purposes.

2. Carpet and Rugs Cleaning

Since most of the dirt, soiled foot prints and even hairs hide deep in the rugs and carpet, make sure you clean them deeply, or else, you could lose your bond amount. Instead of scrubbing the stains, keep the paper towel on the stain to let it ingest the spills as quickly as possible.

Apart from this, you can use oil, and paint remover to remove the stubborn stain from the rugs and carpets. Don’t forget to vacuum them before making a final move.

3. Mop the hard Floor

If you have the wooden floor, then you should sweep and mop it thoroughly before leaving the office space. Use the chemical-free cleaning solution to get rid of tough stains, dust and other harmful germs available on the hard flooring.

4. Toilet and Kitchen

Don’t forget to wipe down the toilet area using the germ-free cleaners, brushes, and sponges. Thoroughly clean the floor, washbasin, mirror, doors, handles, and every small thing that holds dreadful germs.

Once you are done with this, you can clean up your kitchen area including the fridge, microwave, and water purifier. Clean up the work surfaces, cupboards, shelves, etc of your kitchen using a microfiber cloth.


These are the few cleaning tips that will help you get your deposit back at the end of your commercial tenancy. Keep these things in mind while leaving your tenure property.