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Cleaning Tips To Make Your House Smell Better

Cleaning Tips To Make Your House Smell Better
  • Melissa Collison
  • Dec 08 2020
Every house has a distinct odour which depends on how hygienic it is and how regularly the residents clean it. Your sanitising habits also play a major role in making your house smell good.

Living in a smelly home is unpleasant not only for the family members but also for people who visit it. Persistent odours are usually caused by serious issues like heavily-soiled carpets, mould development, seepage, pests, etc.

In such cases, professionals should be hired via reputed companies offering a variety of cleaning solutions such as pest control, mould remediation, spring cleaning, and end of lease cleaning in Wollongong.

Besides seeking professional help, you can ensure your home smells good by maintaining general cleanliness. Here are expert cleaning tips to make your house smell better than any other in Wollongong. Have a look.

Sanitise the Garbage Disposal

Kitchens often smell bad due to dirty garbage disposals. These fixtures have food bits, grime, and grease that become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The growth of microbes in excess gives rise to bad odours from the disposal.

To sanitise it, use ice cubes made with white vinegar and lemon wedges. Every alternate night run the garbage disposal with cold water and then put two-three cubes in the fixture. Let everything stuck in the fixture get washed away and you will have a clean and sanitised disposal that smells nice.

Refresh Carpets

Here is a quick trick that many end of lease cleaning experts in Wollongong use for cleaning and refreshing dirty and smelly carpets.

  • Divide your carpet into four quadrants
  • Sprinkle each quadrant generously with baking soda and let it absorb the smell plus grime for at least 30-45 minutes
  • Vacuum each section thoroughly from the centre towards the ends. Collect the powder and with it all the grime, debris, food particles and other pollutants that cause carpets to smell.
  • After this process, your carpets will look as good as new.

Clean Trash Containers

Trash containers store wet and dry garbage, and they can smell terribly, especially if you don’t empty them daily. Besides ensuring trash cans are emptied every day, you should wash and sanitise them regularly as well. To wash them, use a mild detergent and warm water.

Scrub the container if necessary and ensure the detergent residue is removed completely. Let the bin air dry in an open area. Lastly, dust the inside of the bin with baking soda generously before layering it with a garbage bag.

Make a Fragrance Jar

One of the easiest and most natural ways to make your house smell divine is by placing fragrance jars in every room. The things you will need are listed as follows.

  • One big pot for simmering the brew
  • Apple, orange, and lemon slices
  • Essential oils of choice with citric fragrances
  • Herbs/spices like thyme, rosemary, star anise, cinnamon etc.

Add these ingredients to a pot full of water and bring it to a boil. Once the ingredients boil for 5 minutes, lower the flame and let the concoction simmer for 10 minutes. Pour the fragrant water and ingredients in different mason jars and place them near windows or air vents in each room.

Clean Mould Spots in House

Get rid of black/brown mould spots developing on your ceilings, walls, floors, or any other surface because mould can make your house smell musty and stale. To remove mould spots you can use soapy water and a brush to scrub the fungi. While cleaning mould, scrub the area 50 cm from the edge of the spots because it can have spores and unseen fungus development.

In case the development is significant or mould is hidden, hire professionals who can clean the mould using the right cleaners and equipment. You can hire them via a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Wollongong at any time of the year.

Make Non-toxic Cleaner With Essential Oils

Commercial cleaning supplies and air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful for health of humans and animals. The fragrances used in these products affect 1 in 3 people and makes them ill.

Thus, to have a fragrant and non-toxic cleaner, it is best to make one at home. Reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Wollongong use organic products for the cleaning. You will need warm water, baking soda, essential oils of choice, and liquid castile soap.

Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle, bucket, or any other container. It can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces and objects with causing damage or harming the health of household members.

The Bottom Line

When your house smells good, it not only makes it inviting and pleasant, but it also keeps the quality of indoor air good. To ensure your house smells good all the time, you have to keep it clean either with assistance of professional cleaners or using the expert tips mentioned above.

If you are a tenant at the end of your tenancy, you can opt for both options by cleaning yourself and by hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Wollongong for sanitising your house without stress or hassle.