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Important Tips on How to Clean Windows

Important Tips on How to Clean Windows
  • Amy Martin
  • Oct 28 2017
Window cleaning is the task that you always leave for the last, whenever you plan to clean your house. After spending so much time on cleaning and arranging the interior, one doesn’t have much time and energy left for scrubbing, spraying or wiping windows.

If you too have a problem in cleaning windows or do not find it interesting, you can always take help of professional cleaners for house cleaning in Wollongong. But if you wish to perform this task all by yourself, here are some tips for you to make this Hercules task somewhat easier for you;

Gather All the Supplies

First of all gather all your cleaning supplies like vinegar or mineral deposit cleaner, scraper, sponge /scrubber or lint-free cloth, rubber squeegee and a large bucket.

Start with the Exterior

Starting with the exterior, dampen the sponge with the cleaner and scrub the windows gently.

Now, rinse the area with water and dry it with a rubber squeegee. You can also spray vinegar for stains. Let it sit for five minutes and then continue with regular cleaning.

Remove Stickers and Decals

For stickers and decals, if any, spray water with a spray bottle and let it sit for a few minutes.

Now gently scrape with the help of plastic scraper. Take care while scraping as you can form permanent scratch marks on the glass.

Clear away all the water with the help of rubber squeegee and then wipe with a lint-free cotton cloth. Be careful not to leave any water dripping as it will cause stains on the glass.

For Large Window Panes

If you have large window panes, you will need a ladder to reach out. Don’t forget to rinse away all the dirt and grime from outside your window. Again make it dry quickly.

While you might think that a bright sunny day is perfect for window cleaning, sunshine can cause trouble. Due to direct sunlight, the cleaning solution can dry very quickly, and it can result in the formation of streaks on your window glass.

Use Paper Towels

You can also use paper towels to clean your windows as they are cheap and effective. For this, spray the cleaning solution on the window glass and then wipe it with a layered paper towel. Your window glass will shine bright without any marks or streaks.

Take Professional Help

However, it is best to take help of Professional cleaners like Bond Cleaning Wollongong, who are experts in their field and provide you with best services. You can avail their spring cleaning services once or twice a month to keep your house clean and free of all germs and infection.

Hope these window cleaning tips were useful to you. Happy Cleaning!