How to Split House Cleaning Chores in the Family

A woman is cleaning her house with her kids

How to Split House Cleaning Chores in the Family

By : Melissa Collison
Cleaning and sanitising the house is an essential chore to maintain hygiene, health, and mental wellbeing of all those who reside in it. Everyone in a house should be taking part in it -However, in the majority of homes that is not the case because mainly it is one person talking the responsibility. It happens as household cleaning chores are not everyone’s priority, and they are not divided equally.

But, to keep your house free of illness-causing germs, clutter, dust, grime, etc. it is imperative everyone in the family contributes even the children. Want to know how to split house cleaning chores among the family? Here are some excellent tips shared by professional end of lease cleaners in Wollongong.

Schedule Weekly or Monthly Family Meetings

Conducting weekly or monthly family meetings is a great step if you want to ensure household cleaning chores are divided, and everyone in the family can contribute. Via these meetings, it becomes easier to decide what the duties are, how time-consuming, and whether they need to be done daily, weekly or monthly.

Also, not everyone in the house has the same schedules which can make completing cleaning chores trickly without these meetings. Therefore, the best time to have these sessions is on a weekend or a day when everyone is home.

Take Help of Mobile Applications

Help everyone in your family stay on top of their responsibilities by taking the assistance of mobile applications or apps. Any task can be shared on these apps from taking out the garbage to dusting the house. If you don’t know what tasks to create, some of these applications have suggestions that you can use. Professional end of lease cleaners in Wollongong say some of the apps that are useful in helping organise and complete household cleaning chore are

  • S’moresUp
  • Tody
  • House Cleaning List
  • Our Home
  • Clean my house
  • Home Routines

These are a few apps which can be used in daily life to help your family members and you manage tasks and motivate as well.

Make a Time Table

Want to manage your tasks traditionally? Then invest in a whiteboard on which you can make a time of all the tasks related to sanitising and organising your home. Your timetable can have daily, weekly, and monthly chores with deadlines or proposed time for completion.

In addition, the tasks on the time table should be assigned ownership, which can be done after conducting a family meeting. Once a chore is complete, it can be erased, or its status can be changed to complete. While making this timetable, it would help if household tasks can be categorised as permanent and temporary. Furthermore, don’t forget to list work in order of priority to avoid shifting or incompletion of or important chores.

Get Your Children Involved as Well

Professional end of lease cleaners in Wollongong say, parents who teach their kids to do household chores such as dusting, mopping, sweeping, mopping, decluttering, doing laundry, etc. teach responsibility at an early age. Hence, if you have children, then get to help you and your partner with small tasks and gradually build their confidence.

According to experts in Wollongong children of ages between 3 to 10 years can fold laundry, organise toys/games, dust/sweep/mop, clean dishes for loading, and do other light chores. By splitting household chores with your children, you not only get a little work done but groom them to take cleaning seriously and raise them to be responsible adults.

Ensure No One is Burdened

The prime reason for splitting cleaning chores is to ensure no one in the family is burdened with the responsibility of maintaining hygiene in the home. However, this doesn’t mean the duties can be divided equally because everyone in the family spends a different amount of time at home and have other commitments.

Considering these things, work should be distributed accordingly. If everyone is busy and only has time for small tasks, then you can take the assistance is professional cleaners in Wollongong.

Hiring professionals is especially wise if you are at the end of your tenancy and need to perform end of lease cleaning in Wollongong. During this time, everyone in the family is burdened with moving-related tasks and has little time to complete the rigours process of purging the entire property.

The Bottom Line

Keeping the house sanitary is the responsibility of everyone living in it, and all members should do their part. Follow the tips shared by the expert end of lease cleaners in Wollongong and make house cleaning chores seem less daunting and tedious.

Without teamwork maintaining cleanliness at home is difficult and challenging. Therefore, get all family members involved and help each other keep your abode a welcoming and healthy place to reside.